Haykuro の HTC builds と Google builds


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About the firmware versions

All firmware is based on Android Version 1.5 (codename: Cupcake), but there are two build lines. Each build line has two variants, one supporting apps on the SD card, one without. Neither build line has directly targeted the HTC_Dream, both are developed with the HTC_Sapphire in mind. reference post

The "H" builds are based on HTC's firmware being developed for relase on the Chineese provider Chunghwa. The are localized with a mix of English and Chinnese, and after install you may need to set your default to English. Because the HTC_Sapphire ROM is larger than the one on the HTC_Dream, these builds must be cut down in size. The "H" builds are generally regarded as prettier, due to visual and interface improvements(screenshots). Some of the improvements make for extra trouble when ported to the HTC_Dream, see the known issues.

The "G" builds are based on Google's firmware development (CRA79). The latest "G" build (5.0.1G) is generaly considered to be the most stable.

ALL builds include:

* All google apps are fully functional
* Wifi and full A2DP bluetooth
* Root/superuser access
* Working camera and video recording
* Improved battery life (with new Sapphire radio update version
* Noticably faster brower (Note: the "H" build had a different browser, but the one from the "G" build has recently been copied in it's place)
* Soft-keyboard
* Auto-rotate in all apps across the OS

Exclusive to the "H" builds:

* Native Exchange 2003/2007
* Modified HTC-style virtual keyboard. This is different from the Google builds which have typical "cupcake" virtual keyboard.
* Camera software that includes software-zoom and several other extra software image functions.


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